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Review the best tech blogs and technology blogs against which all other tech blogs and technology blogs are compared.

  • 3D News — Technology news and updates from 3D's expert engineering and client services teams. [RSS]
  • Thinkdiff.net — Thinkdiff.net contains tutorials, tips, tricks and technical solution of web, social networking site like facebook, twitter and articles of language like php, javascript, actionscript etc. [RSS]
  • Web Inspired — Discusses web design. [RSS]
  • iPadinTouch.com — Apple iPad News, Tutorials, apps, games and accessories. [RSS]
  • Adam's Tech Talk, Linux Consultant, PHP MySQL Developer, Security Consultant — Adamsinfo is dedicated to learning, teaching, discussing about Php, Mysql, Linux Howtos, Linux supported Robot, Apinic Box, The security Factor and more to utilizing the experience of each others. [RSS]
  • ASP Web Development News — ASP Web Development News provides you latest information on day to day update about software development process as well as software outsourcing feature. development process as well as software outsourcing feature. [RSS]
  • Ali Kuru's Personal Weblog — Ali is a Ph.D. candidate at the Biology department of University of Mersin, Turkey. He is also happen to have interests on geekery, gadgets and all things about ever-evolving web. [RSS]
  • Go, Blog! — All about technology, sports and current events. [RSS]
  • ERP Etc. — Frank discussion from inside SMB ERP software. [ATOM]
  • Blogger Templates By Caz — Download Caz's well-designed, free blogger templates. [RSS]
  • Eye On Japan — Blog covering the latest in technology from Japan. [ATOM]

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